This is the case of someone’s medical claim that was denied because of social media.

We all know social media is a reflection of life right? What? No? Oh, right it is a reflection of all those little slices of happy moments we post. And weirdly enough we smile in photos. Not sure what social norm that is, but we do it. I have gone to social obligations and dragged my butt there in too much pain to even enjoy myself and then smiled when they took a picture of me. I guess I shouldn’t have… if we are taking pictures of Reality here. I guess I should have been screaming. But for some weird reason when people point a camera at us… we smile… even if it is a fake smile.

Can't be that sick if you smile on Facebook

Here is the thing about insurance companies, they will delve into your private life and pick apart things like this to prove in some insignificant way you Did something and you Smiled while doing it. Therefore how could you possibly be chronically ill because chronically ill must be suffering every moment of your existence in such a way that you are confined to your house and miserable every second of the day.

Because a) chronically ill are not allowed to smile b) we are not allowed to have any sort of fun on good days and c) we are supposed to behave like ‘sick people’.


But, oddly enough, we are also supposed to do what our doctors say during treatment and that is a) not engage in sick behaviours such as activity avoidance and b) do activities like social events, hobbies and getting out of the house to decrease isolation, decrease depression, help with mood stabilization and so forth. If you don’t well that shows non-compliance and you are a difficult patient. And insurance companies will ding you for non-compliance with a treatment program. So don’t Not follow your treatment plan.


But don’t be happy. Don’t leave the house. Don’t have a life. Don’t smile when someone points a camera at you. Don’t have good days. But also comply with your treatment plan… so that might be really tricky, to be honest. Do but also do not do. Follow your treatment but also do not to that. Be miserable all the time and wallow in that misery but also do not ruminate and catastrophize.

Something seems off with this contrary advice here. Hmmm. It is almost like insurance companies have a very stigmatized view of what to be chronically ill is and they use that stigma to deny people their insurance. Yeah, like that.

What they don’t comprehend, of course, because they are complete and utter morons that simply do not want to pay in any way shape or form… is that 99% of the time we have a difficult time functioning. And on our 1% good days, within limits and with moderation we are capable of just a little bit more… but it is taxing and we need to recover from anything we might do. But we may do a thing. And we may smile. And we may have fun. And then we recover from that fun. We don’t tend to take pictures of all that recovery bit though do we? Not do we take pictures of the 99% of the hostile pain days when we could barely function, didn’t leave the house and it wasn’t a damn bit of fun.

Somehow I don’t think posting all our shit days on social media is what social media is For. I don’t think people want to see the minutia of our illness day in and day out.

What they also do not comprehend, because… morons… is that just because someone is in pain they actually still have the capacity to laugh and smile. What do they think chronically ill should look like? What does disabled look like? They clearly do not know. I dare them to look at me and tell me if I have a migraine. Dare them. The odds are I do since they are daily… but maybe it hasn’t kicked in yet. And I bet they wouldn’t be able to tell, because for the sake of society’s comfort and pleasure I mask it. I am stoic. And I smile and I laugh, to use humour to help cope with the pain. Not only that but the pain doesn’t make me miserable every moment of my life. I am actually allowed to be happy and be in pain. Because I am a human being with a full range of human emotions. Strange, eh? I am also depressed and even with Major Depressive Disorder, I am capable of smiling. WOW. Mind Blown!

I remember with my long-term I got dinged on my compliance with my treatment. Because I was able to do so, I must not be that ill. Whaaa? I was doing so because I want treatment. Of course, I would do all I can. But chronic is chronic. It wasn’t curing me.

I think that is what is wrong with the system there. They believe all the stigma of what it is to be disabled and they use that stigma to screw people over that are seriously disabled. And that is a horrific thing indeed. Not to mention quotas and not paying out because that isn’t profitable. Not a very viable system for us disabled people.

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