under the hat

As a part of Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, the American Headache and Migraine Association (AHMA) is participating in the European Headache Alliance’s “What’s Under the Hat?” initiative to raise public awareness of Headache Disorders. AHMA has selected today – Saturday, June 25th – to be our “Under the Hat” day.

Share your story, along with a photo of yourself wearing a hat, to Facebook or Twitter OR create a video story and post it to YouTube, including the hashtags ‪#‎underthehat‬ ‪#‎MHAM‬ and Twitter handle @AHMAOrg.
You can find helpful tips on participating here: http://www.europeanheadachealliance.org/under-the-hat/

I wasn’t at all online today and then came across this social media campaign when I got home. Had I known sooner I would have promoted it, but it caught me by surprise so here it is. I posted to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And an awesome idea that it is considering my love of hats due to migraine photophobia.

This is for headache awareness.

So if you have a headache disorder and a hat… get in while there is time today. Let us blow that Hashtag up, shall we. It is the 25th here anyway. 🙂

For this awareness, I will state that I have daily chronic migraines with aura. At this current point, medication is not working for me, but I’m going to give botox another go. Just to say I did. And because I truly enjoy a numb head. Or was it I hated that? Whatever, it will take care of any wrinkles I happen to have going on in odd areas that wrinkles don’t tend to happen anyway. Which I don’t have. I’ll suggest my migraines are also lower in the eye area. Kidding. Like I’d want the numbness there too.

I’ve had migraines officially 19 years. However when I was in my early 20’s they were episodic. Still monthly from the get-go but not chronic. They sort of just picked up steam as I went along. I am told in my case due to central sensitization. Because I certainly wasn’t on any MOH medications and limited my triptans. Just the way it was.

Chronic migraines are complex to treat. People often wonder ‘how I have them so frequently’ Well…

Lots of people with chronic migraines out there.
It isn’t rare. Not like I am some weird anomaly. They then ask ‘Why can’t anything be done?’ I say they are trying. Hell, are they trying. One neuro said I simply do not respond to treatment. Flat out said, your brain sucks balls. But the fact is there are many preventatives, none of which are designed for migraines, to try. And I simply have not responded to them. If I had a Perfect response even then you are looking at a max 50% reduction in migraine frequency. Which would leave me, well, still chronic it seems. But I have never even come close to that perfection for sure. I would love 50% reduction.

It would be a long post if I went into impact. Let’s just say every aspect of my life has been impacted.

Migraine impact.png


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