I am Canadian but I assume the numbers in ratio to population are similar.

I can say that days are missed in my work from migraines.

I have daily migraines so I do work with migraines. But there are also times when the migraine pain levels are unbearable, there is insane nausea and vomiting or moderate to severe vertigo or diarrhea. So there are days when I really just can’t make it in.

When I was working full time it happened more often. I was very stressed. There was more days to be there and therefore more migraines. Only three of the five work days could be treated with tripans. The sleep deprivation issue I get from working full time caused monthly status migraines. So I missed too much work. When on leaves every couple of years. Went on a long-term leave as well.

This is all stressful as an employee. You know it causes problems when someone on the team isn’t there, you know that work has to be shuffled to someone else. And you feel guilty about it.

It is stressful for an employer. They don’t know how to ‘fix the problem’. But they want an employee that is dependable. They might try to figure out the best way to handle it that works with you. Or they may try threats and ultimatums. It depends on the employer.

It works for no one. No one wins.

I feel often at where I work now that they don’t take my migraines seriously. I call in. And they ask when I can get in… because it is busy and they need me. Well, I just said I have a wicked migraine without going into the details of my very frequent bathroom breaks… And I don’t know how long this migraine will last but generally, the pain phase lasts 10-14 hours. So, no? But she still insists. So I med myself like crazy to get in there all drugged to the gills. Making more errors I might add, and in extreme pain, trying not to toss my cookies or otherwise rush to the bathroom for the other end too many times. And it is hell for me.

We do not want to miss work. I certainly don’t. I know in the States they have something called FMLA but we do not here. I make it work or I am sick. There are no other options. That is why I had to change roles and go down to part-time. There was no other option available to accommodate me in my other role.

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