Corona aura… the aura that looks like an aura

I have occasionally mentioned this aura and it is rare enough that it is an odd one but I suspect more people get it. “The visual illusion of a typical corona phenomenon was represented as a visual migraine aura symptom. The extra edges of the corona phenomenon are commonly seen around the perceptual images of objects. The corona phenomenon is strongly associated with visual loss and the presence of elementary geometric illusions. It is surrounding a person’s head, shoulders, hands, or body. Illusory splitting can be differentiated from the fragmentation of visual images and from the geometric illusion or mosaic illusion.” Polish Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery I think what is particularly odd about my case, and perhaps what made it difficult to link to migraines at all until I was older, is that I began to get this at around the age of 12 but you’d have to confirm when I first mentioned it to family. It was there abouts. And it didn’t occur with headaches. Prior to them. Linked to them. It was… a phenomena that was very common. Like a persistent migraine aura.

So unlike most people it was pretty consistent. It was generally white, but not always. It surrounded people and animals and even the tips of leaves. It is moved with them as though attached to them, which is why it is often mistaken for a mystical sort of aura. It in fact has a history of speculation it is what created the idea of seeing mystical auras, halos and so forth. It extended about an inch or two out of the body of a person. At the head though there was this flame of white there and when they moved the flame sort of trailed after them and then settled back. When I got a bit older I had some visual distortions with more color lights over peoples face and so forth. No geometric designs though. As far as an aura went it remained the same up until the point I got migraines with aura and then the corona aura began to get distorted. I had afterimages. And trailers. Harder to perceive the aura with that crap. I noticed coronas on larger objects. For a time though it was the only aura I had, already persistent before my first diagnosed migraine. So I do suspect ocular and silent migraines. I also suspect menstrual migraines.

They are not generally seen all the time like that. It is generally like any aura phenomena… it precedes a migraine. It can be an outline of any color around objects or people and it can also be around other hallucinations… such as the bottom picture a man with corona phenomena paints his corona around people, a bird and around a scotoma. While mine never came with geometrical aura visuals that is not a surprise since I very rarely get geometric patterns in the persistent migraine auras I get now. It is rare for that to occur.

It is speculated it has to due with the perception of contrast and how it is perceived with the back ground and object within the brain.

“The term corona phenomenon is indebted to the Latin noun corona, which means crown. It was introduced in or shortly before 1966 by the Danish neuroscientists Axel Klee (1933-1982?) and Rolf Willanger to denote a *visual illusion consisting of an extra edge perceived around objects. The phenomenon itself has been described before, however, andreferredtobysuchtermsas* halo, border, and shiny ring. The German ophthalmologist Christian Georg Theodor Ruete (18101867) has been credited with providing the first written account of a corona phenomenon avant la lettre in 1845. Corona phenomena typically present in the form of a single or a double contour. They can surround objects in whole or in part, can be executed in any type of colour, including black and white, and may take on a shining, silvery, or shimmering quality. They may occur in isolation, or in association with an incomplete loss of vision (i.e. a *scotoma), a * scintillating scotoma, or a complete * hemianopia. In addition, they may be accompanied by * geometric hallucinations. Atypical corona phenomena have been described as well, presenting in the form of multiple coloured edges, multiple waves and zigzag lines, coronas surrounding illusory images, or combinations of corona phenomena and other illusory or hallucinatory phenomena such as *mosaic vision, *autoscopy, *polyopia, *teleopsia, and *micropsia. Etiologically, corona phenomena are associated primarily with * migraine aura and with * sensory deprivation. Their pathophysiology is basically unknown, but it has been suggested that they may be mediated by CNS structures involved in visual contrast perception.”Academic


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