Let’s face it working with migraine attacks sucks. No two ways about it. It just does. I could write a detailed book about how much it has sucked in various ways but I think I would have to not refer to my employer on that one.

10 reasons working with migraine attacks suck PIN

So let’s see why migraine attacks at work sucks:

1-Forgetting people’s names:

This is massively embarrassing in customer service where you know customers for-freaking-ever and can’t manage to remember their name through the pain. But it applies to All fields when you spontaneously forget that dude you have worked with for 10 years. What was his name again? It starts with a… B? Ish… Bish. Who knows. And I wouldn’t ask and feel like a complete wad of dumb.

2-Loss of math:

Loss of math skills. Complex. Easy. Just math. Gone. Got to math heaven through the haze of pain and confusion. Got to triple check. And use a calculator. Get three different answers when I tried to confirm. Just brilliant. Migraines seem to have a special dislike for math.

Working with a migraine attack

3-Losing my words:

Poof gone. Talking to a customer and can’t manage to say ‘What a nice day’ because ‘day’ would not come out of my mouth. Can’t explain a product because every second word is wrong, won’t come out, comes out as a different word altogether. Let’s play a game! Guess what the hell I am saying.


Errors come about from transposing numbers. Written communication or types gets frustrating with transposing letters. I call this typo hell days. When I write a note to myself it is garbled right up but I know what I meant. I have to be insanely careful and concise and slow to write anything to anyone else. Or spellcheck the hell out of it. And always check for transposed numbers… they are sneaky.

5-Going blind:

I actually mean this literally and as an exaggeration. I refer to getting an aura and being unable to see through the intensity of it, therefore unable to work at your computer screen for whatever duration. But also sometimes going literally blind from the aura… freaky as all hell.

6-Bouts of Vertigo:

So you are talking to someone and suddenly the world spins, you can’t focus on them or lock on anything. You feel like you are falling and might even fall out of your chair. So consuming is this horrible sensations you have no idea what they are saying to you and you can’t function. Or when you are walking it hits and you veer into a wall or you get a drop attack and fall into a wall or the floor.

7-The confusion/The Haze:

The freaking pain haze and confusion that comes with a migraine making it difficult to concentrate at all. Sometimes I zone out and forget what I am even doing. I forget how to do easy things. I have to focus very hard to do simple tasks. Just all befuddled like and thinking through pudding.

8-The Nausea:

When you have high nausea and it is rolling in your gut. You are talking but all you are thinking is ‘Don’t throw up, don’t throw up’. Then when a customer or co-worker is gone you toss your cookies in the garbage or the bathroom if you make it. This makes you feel better 2 seconds and then rolling nausea again.

9-The pain:

When the pain is high all you can think about is the pain. All that damn pain. It is hard to concentrate through it. You just want to get home and suffer in peace. You count down the minutes until you are done. Literally, 90% of your brain is getting through the pain. 10% trying not to screw up.


Every damn thing is loud, bright and smelly. It is a bright, noisy, smelly world out there assaulting us with scents, sounds, and that goddamned light. Enhancing our misery. People with ten pounds of perfume. Uhg. Babies that must cry. Children that must scream. Not that this is babies and children’s fault for their nature, but my ears bleed. Light stabbing into the eyeballs. Florescent lights created by the devil sent to plague us.


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