It has not been a fun couple of days for me. Migraine wise it has been around an 8. And the nausea was rolling and rolling. My cat tossed up on the floor. And when I tried to clean it up… well I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. Three times before I managed to finish the task. Needless to say, my stomach was ‘unsettled’. And that stayed into this morning where the nausea continued with the migraine. More vomiting. Zofran a medication for anti-nausea simply not cutting it. I went into work 2 hours late, which made me feel cruddy. And then three up three times while actually at work, but not as much, if that means anything.

The last six months my nausea has been insane. To the point of being really unable to eat and fighting to keep things down. No appetite. Losing weight. And it disturbed my doctor so she ran tests but they came up fine so one can only conclude a severe bout of migraines that happened to have severe nausea. That tapered off though so it isn’t as bad now. But it could be. We can get horrible nausea and vomiting with any migraine. With every migraine. We simply do not know.

When I was younger I had this quite severely as well. it was quite common. I would get violently sick. Lose everything in my stomach and just keep vomiting until I was gagging. But it meant medications like triptans and anti-nausea meds had no chance at working. So that is when they changed me over to the melting triptans. Give them a chance to do something before the vomiting kicked in. Eventually, after some years this became less of a symptom and in kicked the diarrhea instead… not exactly an awesome trade.

It seems cyclical with symptoms. Rising and falling and just messing with us. A co-worker asked, due to my missing work due to all this getting sick business… if I should even Be working. As I am Already part-time. I don’t even know. I really don’t. I try so damn hard but I can’t prevent violent nausea and vomiting. Or vertigo. Or 9 level pain. Or blinding auras.

I can say, this is one of the worst symptoms. It is so vile. I loathe getting sick so much. I hate that the nausea itself completely steals my appetite such that when I start to eat… yeah, don’t even want it anymore. Food becomes this necessity and not a pleasure. I have been drinking meal replacements at lunch because I know I am not eating enough so a liquid diet is better than nothing.

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