So I have used many a product for migraine balms and I Have many a product around the house. But This one I use every freaking day I love it so much. It is an oil and you only use a few drops. It can be used for many different things and even added to bath water. 

Text: Review- Japanese mint oil
Image: a bottle of Japanese mint oil I have
Text below that: Natural mint oil essential oil product-I mainly use this on the neck, temples, and forehead

I have used different sorts of migraine balms. Some with menthol and some with eucalyptus, lavender, and things of that nature. I prefer the stronger ones. That sort of strong tangible menthol touch. Some are goopy and make your face sticky… which I rather do not like. Some are more soothing, lotions but just do not seem strong enough. I find the oils rub in just right, with no residue and are stronger.

The product I have been using is Hagina Japanese mint oil or Relaxus – 100% Japanese Mint Oi (which is on Amazon) I use it on my forehead, temples and along my upper jaw area and my neck. So soothing. Although if I am also doing ice on the neck then I avoid the neck area. It is by far the best product I have used topically for migraines. I mean, not like it is aborting it or anything magical like that, but it is soothing in just the right way especially when I cannot take medications that day or medications fail to take all the pain away. I especially like it just before I leave the house when I know the pain is going to be all hyped up.

My spouse found it for me at a local health food store along with another one that is too mild. He wasn’t sure which one to pick up so I got both. The other one is more aromatherapy and doesn’t do anything at all and sometimes can cause issues in-itself due to scent sensitivity. This one is minty for sure, but I never have an issue with that scent. And the sensation is just perfect for me.

So I get it there or I buy the Amazon one I listed. Both work the same.


Not recommended for full body massage.

Heating & Penetrating effects for Spot Treatment in massage, helps promote blood circulation, chest rub for chest and head colds, relieves tight muscles, cramps. Also, helps relieve rheumatic pain, helps treat sprains, swellings, dislocations, sport injuries, headaches.

A few drops massaged into a specific area:

  • Helps promote circulation.

  • Relieves tight muscles and muscle cramps.

  • Useful for injury rehab when treating sprains, strains, swelling and dislocations.

  • Headache relief when massaged on to the temples and the back of the neck.

  • Rub on the chest for head and chest cold relief.

  • Sinus congestion relief add a few drops into a basin of hot water, inhale while keeping eyes closed.

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