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10 things you may not know about this blogger

I am still me despite my chronic illnesses. Yet, my chronic illnesses have formed the me that I am today through the experience I have learned that are unique to them.

1) I do indeed have migraines every day. Although on some days there is a pain gap in the morning. Likely the prodrome of the migraine, but I’ll take it. 

2) I do get a lot of chest pains that I ignore… because they are related to FM. They are called Costochondritis which is painful chest wall pain. It does in fact sometimes feel like a heart attack, but it isn’t. It can get very painful though. I cannot take NSAIDs which is what is used to treat it.

3) I get a burning skin pain associated with FM as well called Allodynia (Here is an article I wrote about it if you need more info.)

4) I have had chronic pain as a kid from hypermobility syndrome. Being very double jointed causes strain on the joints and pain. But I didn’t get more pain until I was in my teens and so around 16 is when the FM began to pick up.

5) I just quit smoking about 5 weeks ago. And, still, dream about having one.

6) I write fantasy fiction in my spare time and self-publish it under Lil Hamilton. Had a pen name for a bit but got tired of it. I also read an abundant of fantasy fiction. Great pain distraction.

7) I’ve been blogging for about a decade now.

8) I have 3 cats at home. Charlie, Bobby, and Franky.

9) I am deeply into Marvel movies and Scifi movies. And TV shows like Daredevil and Supernatural and Jessica Jones.

10) I have a common-law spouse I have been with for 18 years. 


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