I got my liver MRI back and the test showed the spot on my liver was in fact benign. Awesome news! I was actually pretty worried about it because of these miscellaneous symptoms I have been having. The weird weight loss, loss of appetite, and nausea. I rather hope all that is a migraine thing but it is problematic. Nevertheless, so far not something I should be concerned about.

Albert Einstein

Yet… here is the thing about miscellaneous symptoms, we can never assume they are part of our chronic illness. Because sometimes they are not. Yeah, there should be a rule that having a chronic illness makes us exempt for another but it seems it is the opposite that with comorbid conditions it makes it more Likely. Especially with chronic pain… pain begets pain.

In general FM as a multitude of symptoms and I tend to not even worry about a symptom unless it is severe or lingers for some time. I have to mention so much to my doctor that is important that I rarely get into the little things. Nevertheless, we should keep an eye on things. I use an app as a tracker for some of these things and have a journal I write in to just keep an eye on changes. Some of which are just random fluctuations. Like this whole nausea thing… 90% sure it is a migraine thing. If it were not for the weight loss I’d be 100% sure, to be honest. So I keep an eye on it.

And the reason it is important is because some things slip through the cracks. When I was about 30 I was experiencing a lot of leg pain, fatigue, down mood, erratic heart rates (like nutty heart rates) and weight gain. I really attributed it all to FM. I was at the doctor for my migraines, which is a regular occurrence, and I mentioned one of those symptoms to which she followed up on and I mentioned the others. I assumed just flaring FM. She ran a test for hypothyroidism… and that is indeed what I had. That wasn’t on my radar. Nothing of the sort had occurred to me. Likely because of the entire symptom overlap.

The same thing happened with my asthma. I get side effects from migraine abortive treatments called triptans… heart issues like erratic rhythms, skipped beats, and breathing problems. When I started having this random shortness of breath outside in the cold air and when walking I assumed… triptans, which I took three times a week. Side effects occurred that day, and sometimes into the next. They could be pretty bad so I would never think anything was wrong with my lungs. But my doctor thought otherwise and had me tested. And adult-onset asthma.

The lesson here is that I actually ignore a lot of symptoms. Including chest pains from triptans, as a side effect. Nevertheless, I do monitor them and if a symptom seems concerning I mention it to my doctor to see if it is something they should do something about. Often, like, six months later. I’d had the nausea for about that long before I mentioned it and had lost 20 pounds by then as well. Bit late. But when one assumes something is ‘normal’ you just go with it until it isn’t normal anymore. And losing weight for no reason with hypothyroidism isn’t normal. Nor is feeling full right when you take a bite of food. So eventually I mentioned it.

Point is, what seems to be a normal thing or just a side effect or miscellaneous symptom could be something else entirely. I hate going to the doctor about it, and I know I am not the only one. You feel like a hypochondriac. And they run a 100 tests only to find nothing. Which makes you feel like an idiot. But they are doing their job well. The process of elimination. Ensuring it Isn’t something else, which they wouldn’t do unless they felt the need. The tests they had to run to ensure I had IBS instead of all the other intestinal and digestive issues that can occur were rather unpleasant, but in the end, it was good to know I didn’t have them. She was the only doctor I have had that thought to ensure that. She is thinking of doing a take-home heart monitor but I think that is pointless, my heart acts up when it pleases and not on demand… not to mention with FM erratic heart rates and rhythms happen. But I get she wants to be sure. Like I said, one thing doesn’t exclude us from another.

I had a bad doctor for about a year. We have a doctor shortage in my city. I had to make due with him. I had a status migraine one week, which is an acute migraine that lasts longer than three days despite treatment. Mine was on around day five. They are in particular more dangerous migraines. I woke up in the morning and half my hand was numb. It disturbed me because it wasn’t like a tactile migraine aura numb… it was right through numb and difficult to move. I made an appointment and four days later at the time of the appointment the numbness had spread over my entire hand and started at the pinkie of the other hand. He said it was a migraine aura. Didn’t consider nerve damage. Carpel tunnel. Pinched nerve. Anything that might have caused the phenomena. So it got worse. Turned out to be peripheral neuropathy from the status migraine, or so a neurologist said months later. Due to the fact I was getting status migraines regularly and had persistent migraine auras which essentially put everything in a heightened mode. I knew that doctor was wrong. Because I knew what an aura felt like. So I should have gone to the ER, despite the fact I avoid it like the plague. Sometimes doctors are on the Ball and sometimes we have to do our own due diligence and insist it is an issue that is concerning.

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