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3 Apps for meditation I use

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1)Buddhify Is one of my favorite meditation apps. It has 80 meditations displayed on a wheel. You can choose for example “can’t sleep” and 6 can’t sleep medications fold out on the wheel for that selection. What I like is all the meditations are right there to search from. It is fantastically easy to use. And it works great. I use this one most often on the go, since i is quick and easy to pick from the dial when I need to do a meditation. Completely what you see is what you get. No extra fees on this one.

2)Breathe This is my other favorite to use. It has a section for learn to meditate for beginners. Which really I still am. A list of meditations quick picks. And a my progress so you can see how you are progress with making this a routine. Finally it has a How are You section that asks you how you are physically, mentally and emotionally and choosing meditations for you based on your responses. I use this one most often since it is more complete.

3) Headspace– I like this app and there are ten session for free. It looks awesome for the other sections in it that I have explored and i found it in the free apps. I am just not sure it is free after the 10 sessions so I have not explored it as much as the others. But I loved the format. I loved the extensive list of meditations in each section. I loved the style of the meditations. I just think it might be a lite version where it is partly free and have to pay to get the rest.


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