migraine awareness

Migraine: Headache stage


We are all aware of the headache stage. Many people thing it is the only stage which is why we need to raise awareness of the neurological processes to the disease.

It lasts anyway from 4 hours to 72 hours. Yeah. It can in fact last that long. And it certainly does. When it lasts longer it is a different, called a status migraine which is important due to the risks associated with it. It is mild to severe in intensity.

It is pulsating and throbbing. Definitely made worse by movement.

Generally migraines are diagnosed as one-sided pain. But they can in fact be bilateral from the get go. They can become bilateral into the attack. They can also switch sides during an attack.

It is not necessary to a migraine attack. Silent migraines have no headache stage.

In this stage is the migraine symptoms that are most familiar to someone who does not suffer from a migraine. Such as the sensitivity factor: To Sound. To Light. To Odours.


And it can include:


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Not to mention jaw pain, facial pain, vertigo and dizziness and more.

The pain is hard to describe in its intensity. It is hard to think through pain. Hard to want to move pain. Constantly distracting pain. With your senses all heightened making your environment quite unpleasant and aggravating.


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