Delay to Botox for migraine


I am trying Botox again because there is nothing else To try. Neuro said it would not likely work but, hey, he doesn’t have to live my life.

So I wanted to give it a go.

I needed a drug pre-authorization from my insurance company. No problem.


First my neuro sent notification to the wrong company. Then notified me my insurance company requires a form signed by my doctor and information from my neuro… because they are special like that. So I got that done.

They however didn’t meet their timeline. So I had to reschedule my appointment on that due to the discovery this all had to be done. We re-scheduled for two weeks. Plenty of time since my insurance said 5 days.

Problem. It took way longer. So had to re-schedule again.

Finally right before my appointment I got approved. Yes!

No. Because it seemed I didn’t have the Botox at the pharmacy. So I called about it thinking they had needed confirmation before they sent it. No, they Had sent it initially when I had started this process. But pharmacy had nothing.

I was very angry at this point. I don’t even care who messed up there because it was moot. It was the day before and since the drive time to get there is an hour and a half there was no time to fix the problem in the morning when the pharmacy opened and make it to the damn appointment. And apparently to possibility they would forward me the Botox so I could get the neuro to fax Another copy of the script to them.

Fine. I cancelled yet again. To re-schedule the next day.

Nope. They called and said I would have to get another referral from my doc before they would take me. Likely because of three damn missed appointments.

So we are looking at months and months before I can get this at all.

And I am thinking screw it all to hell, I’ll get this done at the pain clinic which is a lot closer and I’ll get the script in my hands and walk the damn thing to the pharmacy myself. Which i would have done in the first place had I known they did Botox there in the first place. Nevertheless, this will also take months till my next appointment.

I am not pleased.

I am not fond of insurance companies to say the least. But they did call me specifically to tell me it was approved instead of having to wait for it in the mail. And also told me of a program to help with costs. Just wish it had not taken so long for the authorization to be honest.




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