on denial

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Brain Storm

***This post is not directed at any one person as the p.o.v. might imply, but rather sums up my feelings about so many conversations, spoken and not, imagined and not, that happen between people with chronic incurable illness and their loved ones.***

It’s hard to accept that an illness will be chronic, ongoing, and that only gradual improvement is plausible, but I’ve done it. Mostly. And accepting my reality is the very thing that allows me to make the best of it. Time spent wishing I felt better is wasted time. Time spent finding small comforts in the moment, taking care of myself, and looking forward to the small joys of tomorrow is time well spent.

Not that I don’t sometimes still break down in a puddle of overwhelmed exhaustion and despair tinged with self pity and feel loads better afterward. I do. But it’s no longer a daily, or even…

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