Oh the bells! Tinnitus hells bells that is


Tinnitus is a migraine thing. It is an insane horrible migraine thing. I have intractable daily chronic migraines with aura. Which means tinnitus is in that aura section of the experience I can have. Also I have vestibular migraines (used to be called migraine associated vertigo) which also has tinnitus. You can read about it here from Migraine.com. However, I also have TMJ and fibromyalgia… so tinnitus is a constant thing for me.

It is constant. But it also gets louder and changes pitch with a migraine. Insanely loud. And my hearing can get muffled or I can lose my hearing. All of which can and does occur with migraines in the aura phase. Lost my hearing for a week recently on one side and the tinnitus was so loud it was driving me batty. That sound can drive anyone insane. The pain. The noise. It is like a way to torture someone.

I listen to the radio at night, all night, because I have profound insomnia and I cannot stand listening to the tinnitus in the silence. Even when it is at its mildest, in silence it drives me mad.

Here is the thing, nothing seems to help with it. By the way, I have a treatment I read in a study for noise induced tinnitus. So if you worked in a loud job for a long time and it gave you tinnitus. The research looked into melatonin for it. I recommended my step-father try it for his noise induced tinnitus and it indeed does work.

For ours though the one thing I have found suggested is Gingko biloba due to blood flow and circulation issues. I tried it and it seemed to have a dimming effect on my permanent tinnitus but not so much the migraine aura tinnitus. Another recommended one is zinc and B12, I have not tried that route. I take a lot of B12 but have slacked on it recently because supplements are expensive to be honest. However I have some now so many I can tame this beast with that.

It is like adding insult to injury having that with a migraine and all the damn other symptoms we have to deal with. Pain, in your head, that you cannot ignore or function through. And a sound you cannot stop hearing… and the most annoying sound in the world.

I had a friend with horrible tinnitus ask me once what migraines were like after we complained about the ears for a bit. And I said imagine that tinnitus ringing noise louder and filling your whole brain, my imagine every time it pulsed it hurt instead, pulsing with the sound there would be this immense pain. Throbbing, pulsing, stabbing. I don’t know if it helped her imagine the pain part but it made sense to me at the time.

All I know is that lately I cannot escape the high pain levels, the persistent damn nausea and this all consuming fatigue. The tinnitus is the cherry on top of this craptastic two weeks.


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