I am in a great deal of pain. My ankles hurt, the bottom of my feet, my knees, my hips, my back, my butt muscles.  My neck, my shoulders, my elbows. In other words, take a picture of me and circle it, that is where the pain is. I would call it a flare, but I can’t. It had been high for months. Just getting a little worse due to the cold weather. So I had a baseline of around a 6 and now I am in about a 7. It is hard to move, get comfortable, ever, any position. Have to flip constantly, sit up, lay down, turn over, it up. It is relentless pain. Unable to rest without the pain starting and then getting worse and worse and worse until you have to move into another position…and repeat.

Why is my baseline higher than usual? I have no idea. Sometimes it happens where pain just gets worse for a few years. Just happens. All I know is tramadol does nothing for it.

Why is it worse than my baseline lately? Well, that I think we have to look at the weather.

Here is a good study to look at and the commentary

And then there is this:

The study found no association between weather changes and fibromyalgia pain on the same or the next day.

Further the onset or severity of pain does not predict weather changes on either the same or the next day.

The study also found that patients who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for less than 10 years had significantly greater weather sensitivity for pain.

Furthermore presence of anxiety and depression lead to an increased reporting of weather sensitive pain.


On the other side things that affect us in the winter are things like:

Rapid changes in temperature going Down- then air pressure decreases. Leading to the soft tissues and fluids around the body’s joints to expand

Lack of sunlight can affect comorbid depression

Lack of sleep can affect mood, and fatigue and pain.


But maybe we scientifically have no link between FM and the weather. We do have temperature allodynia. And other forms of Allodynia. Point is the winter can be painful if we are not dressed appropriately. Our depressed moods from the darkness can make use feel worse physically. And we may lack sleep which can affect mood, pain, and fatigue. So not weather per se but associated with.

Maybe we are just flaring more in the winter. And that is that. Maybe the flares last longer in the winter. Maybe it is the stiffness of the joints. Maybe the lack of exercise. My psychologist says pretty much everyone with chronic pain says it is worse in the winter.

But a correlation between worsening weather and FM, studies have not shown it. The fact my pain is getting quite up there even with my tramadol and we have a snowfall warning for the area as the temperatures drop? Coincidence? Or not?

I should track my pain all year and see if winter is actually worse than any other time of year. I know this last couple of years my pain has been quite a bit worse but I don’t know if it is seasonal. I have not tracked FM like I have migraines, which definitely get worse in certain seasons.

7 thoughts on “Flaring and the weather

  1. My thing is our bodies are made up of mainly water. The moon affects the oceans so why doesn’t it affect our bodies. So for me, it is the same with the weather. They don’t want to ‘see’ that our bodies are affected by the weather. The odd thing is if animals can get nervous about the weather, why can’t humans?


    1. True. Maybe they are looking for the wrong correlation or messing up the studies. Either way, it seems like it has an impact and always seems the case. I will track my pain this year and see if it does. Certainly, the weather is turning and my pain is jumping.


      1. Mine too…. I am Wiccan so I trust the Earth and how my body reacts to it. My joints, muscles are swollen and muscles and aching. I have Lupus and my doctor told me this past Monday is all in my head. I told her my migraine pains are in my head but it doesn’t explain my body’s reaction

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  2. this is my 25th year diagnosed with Lupus. About the weather, When I’m Hot, I am uncomfortable and the same when I am cold. So naturally, if I have any kind of illness, I would think it is only logical to feel worse. Is this Not recognized by the medical community?!


    1. Apparently for arthritis it is, but for the rest of us it is just our experiences. According to researchers. The pain clinic I go to said it was normal to feel worse in heat and cold.

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