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I have the pleasure to review and try out Axon optics migraine glasses. I have been looking to try these out for some time to replace my rose-colored specs. Due to the fact, my rose specs are just a rose tint and the Axon glasses have the FL-41 tint that has been specifically researched for photosensitivity. It has been on my Want list for some time.

I thought this picture was too perfect Not to take. How cute is that?

I am modeling the Hannik model.

Review: AxonOptics


My first impression visually was that they were too big for my small head, as most specs are. And the style suggests medium-small to large, but I had not noted that. So, I assume my head is small small. I actually didn’t need to be told that. I have an issue with buying glasses due to the narrowness of my head. Anyway, these sort of give me a Bono look as a result… which I rather like. I could use the cool factor. Well, my mom said Bono. My spouse said Elton John. Let’s just say, I look awesome and leave it at that.

The second impression I like the full coverage. And to be honest I like the fact that they cover a large area visually. This whole visual field is enclosed in within the glasses so the entire area is with the filter… and that is a real bonus from my experience with my rose specs, where since they are normal specs there are obvious gaps. I always found that a limitation with my regular specs. So this particular style of migraine specs is definitely full coverage. I think, as well, this style would make an awesome outdoor pair, so with the darker tint.

They have soft spots on the ears that make them easier to wear long-term. However due to my FM, TMJ and migraine allodynia the hugging style causes sensitivity there for me. I may have to adjust that. They have soft rubber around the inside of the frame at the front so it sits snug to your face, lets in little light and sits smoothly to the face without discomfort. Very smoothly sits to the face, letting no alternate light in there. That alone, makes them perfect. They sort of just hug the face gently.

My spouse often leaves a bit of the blinds open for the cats or he can see out in the living room. And it is very stabby stabby lighty lighty. Wearing the glasses I didn’t even notice when I took them off and got stabbed right in the eye socket. So this just shows that, yes, indeed it was calming the light spectrum down quite well for me.

Here is the thing about photosensitivity. We light avoid. Because it is painful. And we wear dark sunglasses. But this actually makes our eyes adapt to that, making them more sensitive to light. Which is why these sort of specs are what we need, they are eliminating the light spectrum that is causing issues with light sensitivity but leaving the remainder, so we are not adapting to a darker environment

There is research behind this. I read about it at the time in fact. They have a list of the studies you can look into yourself HERE… it is interesting work.

Here is but one:

Specially tinted Lenses Are Effective in Relieving Migraine Symptoms and Other Photophoba Conditions

A review of photophobia treatments conducted by researchers from the John A Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center found FL-41 lenses to be effective in alleviating migraine pain and frequency, as well as overall light sensitivity in patients with photophobia. They suggest patients with migraine are especially sensitive to light with specific wavelengths, and FL-41 lenses help reduce symptoms by filtering out these wavelengths from the light spectrum.

Source: Katz B, Digre K. Diagnosis, Pathophysiology and Treatment of Photophobia.  Survey of Ophthalmology. 2016.02.001  http://www.surveyophthalmol.com/article/S0039-6257(15)30007-2/abstract


And they work. Simple as that. The light is far less aggressive. Wearing them you barely even notice the tint but light is softer and less painful to endure. These quite simply put are a migraine necessity. And frankly I have photosensitivity even when I do not have a migraine due to FM, just not as aggressive as when I have a migraine, so these are something valuable to have available all the time. It is like having F.lux on your computer, it is one of those aids we can have that enables us to be in areas with horrible light conditions like fluorescent and so forth without having more aggravation from an existing migraine or triggering a migraine.

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4 thoughts on “Review: AxonOptic

  1. So which glasses do you like better, Axon or Theraspecs? Since you have both I am guessing you have a preference.

    Thank you!
    Poutypoet, fellow migraineur.


    1. Theraspecs. It might be the style I have or the specific darkness of the Theraspecs. But I wear the theraspecs all the time. I wear the axon more for outside due to its specific style. But I am constantly wearing the Theraspecs. Wearing them right now. lol


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