Impending doom can happen anywhere… although you sometimes get a warning.


The aura light show is spectacular, but blinding… and the after-show sucks balls.

You relate to Migraine by Twenty One Pilots. And only think death is preferable to a migraine, maybe, every 5th migraine.


The sun is enemy number 1. Shining all bright and mocking your efforts to protect your sensitive eyes from it.


You go outside and a few seconds later are slammed with a migraine… immediately regretting that choice.


You make vague plans with no firm timeline. I’ll maybe be there. I’ll spontaneously show up the moment before or not at all.

Ah, the night. We love the night. Blessed lovely darkness. Hello, darkness my old friend.


We say we are fine, when we are not fine. Fine actually means: Effing insane nine epic migraine. It is a code word.


When someone asks us how we handle to the pain everyday and says we are brave. I want to say… No. It is Not okay! But instead I say, ‘You get used to it’ You don’t.


When we do talk about our pain, we are judged. For the medications we take. For not doing such and such. For being on medications at all.

How do you get migraines every day anyway? Like, how is that possible? Like, are you abnormal? How about lets just say many people get chronic migraines and leave it at that shall we?


Then we play a game called lets try to pretend we don’t feel like our brain is being hammered into. Smile for the masses.



Pain day in day out. Poor pain management. makes you feel like you are the only sane one in a mad world. Or going mad in a mad world


And we think we can handle the pain. Until we can’t.


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