Letter to my 18 year old self

84 years.gif

Dear 18 year old self… you are screwed. I hate to be the one to tell you this but life is going to suck balls in the future. You are going to get diagnosed with the chronic pain condition you know you have. Then for funsies you are going to get chronic migraines on top of that. Totally uncalled for I know. And asthma… I know that one is weird, so by the way quit smoking please. And other comorbid things. That depression you have now, man, does that ever come back. Tell you a secret… pain is depressing. Real depressing. Your life as you know it is going to be forever changed.

So pro tip for you I want you to start exercising now. Like right now. I know you rollerblade and keep up with that. Because that sort of thing gets quite a bit harder so might as well start a routine young, eh? Make it easy on me will ya? When you start getting migraines I want you to ask to see a specialist right away because they are in fact frequent enough and they will never get less frequent.

Because the pain will suck and there is nothing we can do about it I want you to do 1 thing for me. Follow your dreams. That is all we have man. All we have. You will not be able to hold down a job. You think your health won’t affect your ambitions and you are going to be very wrong so I’ll give you a head start on this. Just follow your dreams instead. Screw a career or a 9 to 5 job… you physically cannot do it. Aim for working from home for a day job. I will thank you for it. Because trying to stay in a career and hold it down and power through the pain will break you. You cannot exceed your pain limits like that. But you will try. And then you will want to die. And they you will try to die. It will be very traumatic. And then trying to work anyway After that? Failure upon failure will blow your self esteem and self-worth to shreds. So skip that for me will ya? I would much prefer you secure us a nice stable work from home income of some sort designing web pages or something and follow our dream to be a writer. Let’s do that instead.

You will meet a tall, dark and handsome stranger. And that is cool. He is a keeper.

From your future self,




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