Superpower Sunday! If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?

It wouldn’t be to feel no pain because we all know we need pain to thrive. The lack of it is its own disorder and is quite problematic. For a day? Hell yeah. Just to be normal would actually be nice. I’d even go for that, to be honest. Just be me, no illness at all.

It wouldn’t be a superhuman sense of smell as migraines already give me that and it is Not awesome. Nauseating really. Actually, nill on any super sense because migraines heighten the senses and it doesn’t seem fun at all.

It wouldn’t be a superhuman pain tolerance, because well a) I have that b) I have a low pain threshold so I need it, because I feel pain faster, longer and intenser. c) it is really just a skill we learn to endure pain publicly, we still Feel it and it still affects us cognitively, physically and emotionally but we don’t show it as much… so not such an awesome thing really.

I think the best superhuman power would be along the lines of transferring Empathy, physical and emotional sensations being transferred to another person.

So if I were depressed and in pain I could touch my doctor and he would Feel my depression and pain. People don’t believe I am in pain when I don’t ‘Look’ like it… I could share it. If someone wants to know what I experience from curiosity, I could literally share it. Likewise, I could share my joy or my love or my grief.

And to make this a real superpower I could touch two people and have them experience each other emotionally and physically. Another doctor and patient. A couple having problems. Someone who cannot speak for themselves. Hell, the possibilities are endless. And being able to literally share experiences of physically or emotional states would truly create true empathy. We seriously Need more empathy in this world. So that is the superpower I would want.

Nevertheless, it would be pretty cool to also be able to pick up any language people speak from just hearing it, or a photographic memory or even synesthesia where I could see music or something (just find that one fascinating to be honest and it could be a superpower because it can boost your brain in certain ways)

But I will go with the Transference of Physical and Emotional Experiences. Because I like the idea of promoting actually empathy. I know of people who have family members who doubt their pain so much that they are really tormented by their family. And I would love to use such an ability on them. See what your daughter/son/spouse is enduring every single day? See the emotional turmoil you are causing them? Can we find a way to fix this?


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