Just another day


Today was a bad day. A day I could not take a triptan because it was a non-triptan day, as most are, so it was a endure the migraine day. But it was also a wake up with a full blown high pain level migraine day. And it didn’t abate. The nausea was amped up. I was quite frankly miserable.

Thing is, this is just another day.

Like so many other days.

It resembles yesterday, except I was emotionally distressed yesterday and pain can do that to you. Today the pain was higher, but emotionally I was pretty not present. Because cognitively I was not present. My spouse was getting frustrated with me because I kept not quite getting what he was talking about. That sort of not present. Too much pain and the cognitive faculties diminish substantially. Just sort of a brainless haze going on.

Just another day.

I barely ate because of the nausea which is the new norm for me. This nausea is persistent. I’ll give it that. And when people say ‘Oh you’ve lost weight!’ I sort of want to smack them. Not their fault for noticing. I have. Just not the way any person would like to. I would much rather an appetite again and to enjoy eating.

Just another day

I can’t sleep because the pain level is too high. There is nothing to do about that. I’ll get sleep sooner or later. Or none.



    1. A triptan is a migraine abortive med like Imitrex, Amerge, Maxalt to name a few. But if you have heart issue, not likely you can take that class of medication. They are the best medication out there to potentially abort a migraine but can only be taken 2 times a week, so not that awesome if you have well over that a week.

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