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Top 10 blogs

It took some time to find my favorites. It seems some of my favorites are gone. Just Gone. Some have stopped blogging. If I see no post since 2013 you are not blogging. But there are some definite tried and true favorites that have not gone anywhere in migraine awareness and Fibromyalgia Awareness. A few of my new finds as well. But definitely some of my go-to blogs.

I picked 5 fibro blogs and 5 migraine blogs.


  1. The Princess In The Tower: One of my all-time favorite blogs that I highly recommend people check out. As a FM blog it will surpass all expectations. The articles on coping and management are truly beneficial. Top FM blog for reading and benefit to the reader.
  2. Cranky Fibro Girl: I have always loved her style and attitude.
  3. FibroFiles: My top FM blog out there for information purposes. You want to know about FM research and what is out there, that is the blog.
  4. Counting my Spoons: A great blog and FM blogger who always has useful posts and cares about her fellow bloggers, and also the founder of Chronic Illness Bloggers which I belong to.
  5. Chronicles of Fibromyalgia: Has been around some time. She won the Healthline award like me for best FM bloggers. And her blog shows it.
  6. The Daily Migraine– Always have great posts and memes as well. Excellent presentation at all times and great articles and blog posts.
  7. migraineDiva: I love Jamie and she runs a great migraine blog, always worth checking out
  8. The Daily Headache: Is an informative and well put together blog by a great migraine advocate.
  9. Pink Dandelion Wishes: I like this blog although it is fairly new it seems, or definitely new to me. It seems to have potential. It is a migraine blog.
  10. My migraine life : Is a great blog I check out that I came across a few years back.


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