thinking some thoughts

Victim or Victor


Do you consider yourself a victor or a victim or migraines? Something to consider. Check out migraine advocate Teri Robert has to say on the subject Victim or Victor?

If you consider what we experience during a migraine attack as suffering and consider Migraine disease an injurious agency, I guess a case could be made for calling Migraineurs victims of Migraine disease. However, I truly dislike the connotations of the word “victim,” don’t like or want to feel like a victim, and don’t want to be seen as one by others.

“Victim” is a word I’d just as soon wipe from my vocabulary. A far better word is “victor,” which is defined by as:

“As person who has overcome or defeated an adversary.”

The fact is the words we use to Think about our Pain have a lot of power and we need to choose them wisely. Personally I don’t consider myself a victim or a victor. My name may literally mean victory, but I see none here. I am a fighter. I accept the way things are and having to deal with the chronic pain of this particular existence, but I fight to improve upon the situation in every way that I can. Including improving upon the suffering I feel. The depression the pain causes. Every day that I do a routine that that strives to that goal… that is a Victory.


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