Auditory Hallucinations

“People have reported hearing music, distant conversations, the sound of footsteps and more.”19 less often discussed migraine aura symptoms

Auditory hallucinations (paracusias) can occur with migraine with aura. Most common though in children. One study found the prevalence was high with depression. “We encountered 12 patients (our center = 5, literature = 7), 58% were female, and 75% had typical migraine aura. Hallucinations most commonly featured voices (58%), 75% experienced them during headache, and the duration was most often <1 hour (67%). No patients described visual aura evolving to paracusias. Most patients (50%) had either a current or previous psychiatric disorder, most commonly depression (67%). The course of headache and paracusias were universally congruent, including improvement with headache prophylaxis (58%).PubMed

I have in my life had some bizarre auditory phenomena all of which occurs in twilight sleep. So hypnagogic state sleep phenomena like hearing my name called, hearing people talking in the background, sleep paralysis and all its weird hallucinations. These all test our sense of the real vs not real because we don’t Feel asleep. And a lot of ghost stories I have heard start with I couldn’t move and there was something staring at me… and to me what jumps out was that they had sleep paralysis.

Well what if you have migraines? Well I have what seemed like a great ghost story last night and it was freaky. All I can think is that it was an auditory hallucination. Being I fit the criteria of also having depression I suppose that fits as well, and it was voices I heard.

What happened was I was on the computer writing. Then my computer speakers started going in and out. Click, crackle, click, crackle. Or I assumed it was them since nothing else around to make such a noise. Then in-between the crackles came the sound of two children laughing. I put my face closer to the speaker to see if that is where the sound was in fact coming from but it just stopped. And that was Really Trippy.

Was that a ghost you saw_Or a migraine aura_You'll never know.....png

I do believe in the Possibility of ghosts, but I believe a lot of experiences can be attributed to sleep phenomena. When my brother passed my mother and I received phone calls. My mom got calls saying they were from him with no one on the line. I received calls with no number at all, phone just rang, with no one on the line. For a couple of days. So that sort of thing, I couldn’t explain and it was comforting to be honest.

So yes I believe in the possibility. But I have migraines. And migraines mess with our perception of reality all the time. All the time. For the last three weeks I have been smelling cooking in the house before I have cooked a thing… so olfactory auras can mess with us too. I once looked all over the house for a foul smell one.

So was it a ghost? An aura? Who knows. I can say this. I said ‘If you are here, flicker that light right there’ and pointed to the lamp in the room. And that damn lamp when bzzt and flickered really strongly. Coincidence? I rather hope so.

It was a weird night. And when you look at it from a migraine perspective auditory migraine hallucinations themselves are one of the weird ones anyway. No matter what happened… it was weird.





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