What’s a health cliché that really bugs you? What are you tired of people asking you or saying to you again and again? Write it down. Then reclaim it! Take it back and turn it around so you make is something you could be comfortable hearing.
You lost weight, you must be feeling better. Conversely, when I gain weight, I must be feeling worse. This concept that ‘skinny’ is healthy and ‘fat’ is unhealthy is driving me nuts.
I gained weight from hypothyroidism and then more for medications for migraine prevention. Top weight was 165 pounds on my five foot four body. And I got comments on how better I would feel if I exercised and ate right. Implying I was doing neither. Like they even know what the chronically ill Do for their health. They do not.
Then I lost some weight being put on Topamax. And then even more from becoming nauseated in the extreme for a year and ongoing. Down to 120 pounds. And Now, well ‘You look Great, you must be Feeling so Much Better!’ You mean other than the constant nausea and the vomiting and lack of appetite and wishing I could just eat for once? Well no, because I am still chronically ill. I know weird, it is like it is chronic or something.
We lose and gain, lose and gain because we are chronically ill. Meds, nausea, treatments, illness… all cause different types of weight issues. Skinny can actually mean ‘worse’ and gaining weight can actually mean ‘successful treatment’.
I turned it around by making this meme: Because I get when I am skinny I even appear less sick than I did before. For whatever reason. So I wanted to show that I get it, I don’t look sick… because I am that awesome!
Then I made these ones as well because people liked the first one so much…

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