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The opiate Epidemic Canada

The suffering of others should never be underestimaed.png

In Canada a lot of people are dying from fentanyl overdose: Hospital stays for opioid overdoses on the rise, warn health researchers They are looking to a lot of different solutions to the problem, including stricter boarder control. But another thing they are doing is of course declaring an opiate epidemic… and making it harder to get opiates… for actual treatment.

Chronic pain patients feeling left out from opioid discussion

Dr. Roman Jovey, an Ontario doctor who specializes in pain management, wrote to the Ontario college in July to express concern that the American dosage guidelines “will harm legitimate patients with chronic pain who might benefit from the careful prescribing of opioids.”

Bremner and his group aren’t saying medication is the only answer. He does regular therapy in a swimming pool and is a major proponent of peer support groups.

But many therapies aren’t covered without benefits, and that’s something Bremner said many chronic pain sufferers don’t have.

The provincial system, meanwhile, has a growing wait list.

In the province’s central health zone, 1,266 patients are on a two-year-long waitlist for pain management services. Elsewhere in the province the wait ranges from three months to two.

Those wait times and the fact a majority of doctors have little training in pain management add further challenges for chronic pain patients. The National


She acknowledges that some doctors may over-prescribe but she’s accusing the provincial authorities of fear-mongering, making family physicians reluctant to prescribe minimal amounts of painkillers.

“What I am very critical of is unleashing a storm of these investigations, creating this climate of terror,” Mailis said.

She criticizes the government for failing to fund alternative pain-treatment methods such as psychology and rehabilitation, leaving doctors no choice but to prescribe narcotics. The National

Once again we have a situation where they are making doctors afraid to prescribe pain medications to pain patients, but have Nothing in place to help the pain patients. Bravo. So they will have pain and more pain with a heaping of suffering on the side. And like the States it will lead to more suicides, which pain patients said would happen, hell I said would happen. Unmanaged pain is itself a suicide risk factor and doctors ought to know this. No one is keeping track of how many More people are committing suicide of course, because frankly they don’t seem to care.

I heard they were going to start the urine sample thing here in Alberta. So let’s assume pain patients are addicts why don’t we? Make them do urine tests to prove they are not. Of course those tests sometimes show false positives which then could cause them to be taken off medication, but who cares? And really it is embarrassing and disrespectful and time consuming but whatever, right?

In the United States I have heard of people with horrific pain conditions being completely taken of their medication, without being weaned off. I have heard of them being put on much lower doses, that doesn’t manage their pain, so they cannot function and therefore cannot work. I have heard of false positives on these urine tests from simple OTC medications… and having to do secondary tests themselves to Prove their innocence, because of course they are just guilty addicts not pain patients. I have heard of pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions. Of doctors refusing to treat pain patients at all. Of ER doctors turning patients away or now saying if they want treatment for pain it is ‘drug seeking’ behavior.

So tell me again who suffers from this war on opiates? The drug addicts who will find their fix no matter what you do? Or the pain patients that actually need the treatment? Seems to me the ones that suffer are the Last ones that should be suffering any more. And yet they will, just like in the States, they will suffer.



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