Monday Motivation:What’s your life slogan? Explain what words or mantra that keep you going and why.


It can’t rain all the time.

If you give the context of the movie perhaps you’ll grasp I’m not exactly a glass half full sort of person. In fact, I have depression as well as chronic pain. Chronic pain came first and one would suspect it is inevitable that one would develop depression from that. But it isn’t. It isn’t inevitable, just more probable. I dealt with a milder version of depression when I had fibromyalgia when I was younger, that is just FM by itself. And I got through that. Then the chronic migraines came along and deeper depression developed. But I remind myself it can’t rain all the time. Bad pain days are the worst for mood, but bad pain days are not every day, are they? Or not all day every day. It does fluctuate somewhat. There is another saying; it is a bad day, not a bad life. I do not like that one as much because my mind goes, well, it was a bad week, no month, well year… okay decade. And so depression doesn’t like that saying quite as much.

It can’t rain all the time suggests there will be a day when it isn’t. Suggests you just have to get through the bad weather. Maybe the rain has sunk into your bones and chilled you to your soul, but maybe tomorrow the clouds will break, for a moment or two. Because even with pain and depression it can’t rain all the time.

I for one, see the irony in liking this phrase by the way with my migraines and massive photophobia… I wouldn’t mind if it rained all the time. Sunny days? No thanks. Too bright. But also no abrupt thunderstorms. Those are migraine hell. So just cloudy and a sprinkle. Yeah. That is just right. That aside, still love the saying.

It says, hey, yeah you are suffering now and I get that. We have to accept the rain. We have to survive the rain the best we can. But not every day is going to be rain. There is hope. There is an acknowledgment of the fact not every day is the worst of days. There is variability in our chronically ill weather. I understand the weather will always be turbulent and we have to prepare for that weather, we always will have to, but there will be unseasonably good days in there.

We all have gleams of sunshine.

It can't rain forever.png

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