Tip Tuesday!Have you mastered the hashtag? Figured out the Instagram algorithm? Or maybe you have a few tips to increase your blog followers. Whatever it is, share your expertise with your fellow HA’s – it’ll only make our community stronger!
blogger pro tips
I don’t know if I have any Pro-tips that I didn’t mention in my previous post. Like the always use an image in your blog and the article I posted about good ways to go about that.

So there was that, that I had previously mentioned. Very important to have visuals of good quality to match what your post is about and draw people in.

2-For engagement I follow a simple recipe on my Facebook page that gets me good engagement. The minimum I post three images I have made and three articles I have found. The rest like shares I have shared to the page is all bonus material. Share other pages when they ask you to, and they will share back. Promote other bloggers. Post your images in support groups you are in… usually my amusing ones or ones people can easily relate to.

3-For your blog the best thing I can say is getting to know other bloggers. Meet those in your blogger community blogging what you are blogging about. Add them to your blogroll. Ask to interview them.  Gets your name out there and you really connect with other bloggers.

4- Do these sort of events. These blogathons for causes that are important to you. Any cause that is important support on your blog.

For the most part, my followers were gained naturally. I had a consistent natural pace of increase. Recently I added a mailing list, that does help. MailChimp is great for that.

2 thoughts on “#HAWMC Blogger Pro tips

    1. If you find people are not opening the emails you can try adjusting the campaigns. I have one designed for new people specifically. Then it splits into three based on their stats. I can address them in different ways. I also have changed up the look on my campaigns and was getting a lot more reads that way.

      I find it is just another way to get your blog out there. Some people follow and will come by regularly, others by search terms but Mailchimp will bring those in that like the topics they see. When I switched from Blogger to WordPress I started using it to boost traffic back to where it was and it has worked well for me.


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