Chronic Illness Bloggers Holiday Giveaway will run from November 23 to December 3, 2016. There are great prizes online to win, some of which I have reviewed already. FibroCane or Organic Aromas both or which were my favorites and I use regularly still.


There are 11 Prize Packs to win and value around $400 to $600. 2 of the Prize Packs are available only to US-based winners. As winners are chosen at random, if a non-US- based winner is chosen for one of the US-only prizes packs the winner will have the option to either have the prizes shipped to a US address of their choosing or to forfeit the prize.


“This giveaway is sponsored by Chronic Illness Bloggers. Prizes have been donated by the following: Alisha Nurse –; Aromafloria - ; BackPainBlogUK –  ; Bridgwater Crafts - ; BeingFibroMom – ;Broken Teepee – ; Chronically Content – ; Chronic Mom Life – ; ColitisNinja – ; The Fay Farm – ; Fed Up with Fatigue – ; FibroCane – ; Fresh Assist Spray – ; Gupta Programme – ; HFactorWater - ; Kirsten Schulz – ; Living Well Today – ;Living Grace Blog – ; Lupus Chick – ; Megan Schartner – http://www.liveken.comMelissa Swanson – ; Mini2z – ; Organic Aromas – ; Oska Wellness – ; The Pain Free Life – ;Patient Playbook – ; Perfectly Ambitious Blog – ; Posture Pump – ; ProHealth – ; Rebuilding Wellness – ;Strength Flexibility Health EDS – ; Sylk USA – ; Theraspecs - ; Vital Plan –




 I personally like the Prize pack 8 because it has my two favorites in it. Those I mentioned above that I did reviews on and still use. Not to mention some books, which is my thing. So this is my favorite. You can see more when you register your entry. Check it out:

Prize Pack 8


  •  Gupta Home-Study DVD Programme donated by Gupta Programme
  •  FibroCane Serenitea; Daily donated by
  •  6 Pack of H-Factor Water donated by H-Factor Water
  •  Self-Love 101 e-book (digital) donated by
  •  Flare Survival Kit donated by
  •  Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang book (digital) donated by Megan Schartner
  •  Ravyn’s Doll book signed donated by Melissa Swanson
  •  Raindrop essential oil diffuser from
  •  Smoothie Jumpstart Course from Sue Ingbretson
  •  Suffered Long Enough by Dr. Bill Rawls donated by
  •  Living the Best Life with Fibromyalgia by Alisha Nurse




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