Time to use all your knowledge and experience as an HA! Create a “Care Page” for newly diagnosed patients. Pull together 5 of your own blogs that could help a newly diagnosed patient and include 5 external resources you find helpful.
I am going to stick with migraines for this post to not confuse the issues. One disease at a time I say.
 Blogs and resources.png


Brain Storm A great blog by a well-known migraine advocate.
The Daily Headache A quality blog that I have visited for quite some time.
Putting our Heads Together A great amount of information to be found on this blog. Accurate information. Teri Robert is the writer for this one, a well-known migraine advocate.
The Daily Migraine Is a great site that I highly recommend. I often go to her Facebook page as well. Lisa Jacobson is the creator of this site.


Migraine.com I have gone to this site numerous times for their articles and information over the years. It is easy to use, well designed for access and great for information.

Health Central Migraine When you are looking for accurate migraine information and also to make sense of new research, this is your place.

Migraine Again This one is new to the scene in respect to my massive migraine history but they have a great site and Facebook page and a vast resource of information.

Help for Headaches Another page for great information on topics that you want to know more about.

The Migraine Trust fact sheets This is just a page I mention because it is a link to resource sheets. So here is some direct information about specific migraine types.

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