Botox update


So it has been a week-ish since my botox.

My forehead did not go numb. This surprised me because it had back in the day such that I thought this was Normal. But just a side effect, potentially depending on where they stick you.

My forehead feels frozen, heavy and restricted to movement. My eyebrows? Lift a little. No Spock eyebrow lift anymore. Damn it. But I have a mild surprise look possible in me, but not much.

It is said directly after things will be painful. They are right. Not only do I have wicked allodynia but I also had very painful spots where they injected in the base of my skull.

Annnd. Migraine pain has been sky high and horrible. Including areas where I had the shots. So no effect as of yet. But remember this is my 1st round and it can take up to 3 for any effect.


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