paingry_The emotional state of anger caused by long term pain. And being in intense pain and damn angry about it..png

I came up with a word, and it turns out the word already exists. PAINGRY. The state of being in immense pain and damn angry about it.

I don’t get angry often. More reserved and quiet when in pain. Reclusive as well.

But I woke up today with an intense, blinding migraine. The pain had also traveled down into my ear, so ear-pain, loud tinnitus, horrible jaw pain. I was throwing up nauseated all day. The pain itself was a level 9.

And it made me angry. Angry to wake up with it. Angry I was functionally useless all day. Angry when it came time to make super I threw up twice in the process. Angry it hurt so damn much. Angry when I took my triptan it just dulled it a little, but not the nausea of course. Angry I could barely eat super.

Just paingry.

And the frustration can totally get to us. And we can be irritated. And angry. We have a right to it seeing as this is something we deal with all the time. And now you can just say to people I’m just really paingry right now.

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