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Man crying profusely

Yes, woe is me. For I am suffering the stomach flu, with a side of migraines and FM. I don’t generally whine about the flu. I used to go into work with it because I needed my sick days for 9 migraines. And then I’d proceed to spread around the misery, but what can you do?

I actually am thinking of attaching a Lysol container to me and have it just spray everywhere I go so my spouse doesn’t get sick. Because I have sneezed on everything… including all 3 cats. They were not impressed. At all.

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Woman with smile saying ‘Everything hurts and I’m dying’

Let’s face it though. When those of us with chronic illnesses get sick. We do it Masterfully. We win at sickness. For example, I have not left the house in a week. So where did I even get this? My immune system is so low I just got it from being. I have the immune system of a 110 year old who likes to take strolls in hospitals and get sneezed on. Plus we often have troubles sleeping… which lowers your immune system. A stressed body from our illness… lowers the immune system. So yeah we could walk by a sick person within ten feet and get whatever he had. Thanks random sick person!

Man opens medicine cabinet to 3 rows full of prescriptions.

It began with a stuffed nose. meh. Then couldn’t sleep. Then I felt so cold. Next day. Fevers and chills. Fever and chills. All day long. Wearing two hoodies to just a t-shirt. As a stomach bug I had nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. I couldn’t leave the house and I had already the day before when the nausea had kicked in consumed all the things I had in the house for nausea. All of it. Gone. So I called my mom and asked her to get me Gravol, a Canadian one for motion sickness, nausea and vertigo. And Pepto for the diarrhea. She came back with that and More. Zinc lozenges. Peppermint tea, which is great for nausea. Chicken noodle soup, which I have had now for supper twice now. Also an electrolyte replacement to help with the fact I was likely not doing so well being so sick… all the fluids I got in me were coming out as fast as they went in. She made me Set. I had a nest of meds on the couch, I was stuck on.

It was the nausea that was the worst of it. You see I have had migraine related nausea for over a year now. Every day. A massive issue. The flu kicked in and the nausea went to on a scale of 1 to 10 to a 10. If I coughed from my raspy cough I have going on I would also gag and want to throw up. And often did run to the bathroom and do just that. I could barely stand, since the nausea was worse and I felt dizzy and faint. Sitting was mildly better. Laying was the real way to go. But once I had meds. I took the daily amount of Gravol wishing I could take me. Daily amount of pepto. And that combo was helping just enough to keep the nausea at a 7.

So really my recommendation is don’t get sick when you are sick. Since I got this flu my spouse went and got his flu shot. So I ought to as well once I am better. I am just so prone to these things. But I feel slightly better. The nausea is at a 7 and I am upright and on the computer… and no way in hell I could have done that earlier today. That is a good sign.

Getting sick when you are ill… we have to rest. We have to manage our illness as best we can. It will last longer and be a slower recovery if we do not manage it. Like I said I used to work through flues and colds. And they always lasted overly long. Chest cold lasted a month once. Flu… two weeks. So we have to take care of ourselves. Rest. Get fluids into us. Get simple foods like soup into us. Don’t go to work, if possible. Take care of yourself as best as possible, because in general they tend to last longer and hit us harder. If we hunker down and take care, we can kick it faster. Easier to say than do, given life and obligations though.

*And end whine*

But it sucks though

*I said end whine*

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