fibromyalgia tips

There is nothing quick and easy about fibromyalgia treatment for sure. But here are some things I focus on through my day that has helped me cope with fibromyalgia. Some, well, easier than others. The first one is a battle of epic proportions but half the battle is in the little things and the other half is medication.


Fibromyalgia tips



is vital. Therefore my tip is do not play around on the computer before bed or your smartphone. Get your brain all riled up with things and ideas and what ifs. No. Do things like read, in the quiet, dimly lit room snuggled in a blanket with a decaffeinated tea. Like a sleepy-time tea. Then right before bed, medicate for 10-20 minutes. Then go to bed. We need to wind our brains down. And then ease them into this whole sleep idea our brains clearly suck at. Not saying you shouldn’t take your prescribed medication, just saying try these as well.


The walkabout is pretty important for when you have to be somewhere where sitting is required. A family function, a work, function, school, or work. You can use excuses if you want but definitely get up and do a walk about for a few minutes. Walk around the office. Walk outside for a bit. Gets you moving those muscles that have begun to hurt from sitting down too long and also helps with mental fatigue, gets that brain kick-started again and out of a fibro foggery.


Eat small meals throughout the day. Or basically, have a bunch of snacks through the day. Keeps your blood sugar up. And it helps with Fibro FOG. Nuts are always a good choice.


20 minutes of meditation can help with stress and pain sensitivity. You can break that up with you want. Do different types to find which works for you, but it goes very well with any pain management plan.


should be added to any pain management plan with FM. This can be going for short walks. Modified yoga. Stretches and physio exercises. Riding on a stationary bike, but starting slowly. Whichever you think would work for you, starting at a slow pace and increasing slowly as to not induce a flare.

So there are some fibromyalgia tips I have used to cope and for pain management. I always recommend focusing on one area first before tackling them all at once. Once you have established a habit, usually after 3 months, then add something else in there.

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