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They can’t, in general, ask these questions but if they could straight up ask you about your health they would want to know.

  1. Can they accommodate you in any way? A good employer will want to know if they can change their work environment in any way to accommodate you. A bad one will not ask or shut down every suggestion you have. Been there. You can, for example, ask for full spectrum Fluorescent lights. An office that says no to perfumes and such. Request an office without a window. As for a privacy cover for your screen to make it darker.
  2. Are you being treated effectively? You don’t have to discuss medical anything with an employer. But they may be curious because they want to know if you are having migraines or effectively managing migraines. I have been asked this on return from leaves, so they felt it was their right to ask me.
  3. Are you able to perform your job? This is what they really want to know. No matter your health, they want to know Are you going to Perform your Job. They will assess this as you work of course.
  4. Are you reliable? Another really important thing for an employer is reliability. Are you going to come to work and be present to do your job. This is another thing they will assess as you work.
  5. Do migraines at work interfere with your job in any way and is there a way around that? Sometimes a good employer will ask if your migraines are interfering with your work and if there is something that can be done to help with that. A change in how you work. A change in process.

One thing I have noted while working is that one company treated me quite poorly due to lack of the capacity to communicate properly with someone with a disability. It caused undue stress and emotional strain on me. It really is something people should be properly educated on. However, I was not reliable and I did have problems later with my performance and migraines were severely interfering with my job. Despite the fact there literally was never any accommodation offered, it is hard to say how to manage an employee who is literally too sick to function. You need reliable and dependable people on your team, and that person simply is not me.. I was quite sick and in pain there or not. My last employer offered the opportunity of going down to a less stressful part-time position. I thought this was appropriate and should have worked, yet, unfortunately, it was still too much for me to handle and that is no fault on them. It was a compromise that seemed quite appropriate to me.

Therefore, there comes a time when we have to acknowledge we cannot do the work at all. Either go on disability. Or find work we are capable of doing. I personally am looking for work I can do from home quite ardently. We want to work. We push ourselves to. But we cannot always manage it in certain situations and environments. We need to find places that work for us. And work for our employer. When we do, then we can be all that more content with blending health and work together.

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