Psychiatrists Must Face Possibility That Medications Hurt More Than They Help

Antidepressants were the most common type of psychiatric drug in the survey, with 12 percent of adults reporting that they filled prescriptions for these drugs… In addition, 8.3 percent of adults were prescribed drugs from a group that included sedatives, hypnotics and anti-anxiety drugs, and 1.6 percent of adults were given antipsychotics.”

A 2013 study, Higgins writes, found that “the toll of mental disorders had grown in the past two decades, even as other serious conditions became more manageable.” He adds: “Suicide rates per 100,000 people have increased to a 30-year high. Substance abuse, particularly of opiates, has become epidemic. Disability awards for mental disorders have dramatically increased since 1980, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is struggling to keep up with the surge in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”

I know since being put on Abilify that lack of wanting to kill myself is killing me. What a drag, eh? I mean the suicidal depression is just a phase. I am sure I’d survive it… well, not likely. Not if I had anything to do or say about it. That was rather the point.

Yep, I am missing those deep dark plummets into severe depressive episodes. Fighting with my brain as it insisted it had the perfect argument for why I should just die already. Good times. I can totally see why that med was not necessary at all.

Oh, the sarcasm. But really, that medication makes my existence something worth living emotionally. Not that I also do not do therapy.

Maybe, just maybe, shrinks are diagnosing way too much. Maybe, people, those mental disorders are not actually problems but just normal everyday stresses and situational depression that can be dealt with by dealing with the situation. Also, remember in these stats that anti-depressants, in particular, are off-label for Many things including FM and chronic pain and even sleep. So yeah the numbers on them are massive. Especially now that opiates are evil… they will go up even more. They make me suicidal so I am on an antipsychotic usually prescribed to make anti-depressants work better in people with severe depression.

And you have to wonder if medication is the answer. When I was younger and depressed I was put on a medication, responded badly, went off of it… took a year off university and dealt with it myself. Recovered and went back to school. For this second bout I wasn’t put on medication right away it was treated with therapy for a few years. Not until my second suicide attempt did they realize I needed medication for it. Which I am thankful for. But in many cases, including my first depression, therapy would have been quite fine by itself. Pills are not always the answer to everything.

When medication is needed, it is bloody well needed. And we are damn thankful for its existence thank you very much. The difference is night and day.

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