I hate to say it but if you are using migraine you will lose money.

I use migraine a great deal. I admit it I do. I use them every day. And I have to say they have done nothing for my career at all or my ambition. Not using them seems like the best option, but they don’t come with that feature. Once you have them they run on their own schedule and do not permit un-installment.

The use of migraine causes:

  1. missed days
  2. limitations at work
  3. stopping work altogether
  4. reducing hours worked.
  5. changing jobs
  6. loss of productivity.

So this:

Have too much ambition_ On the fast track and don't know how to get off_Try migraines..png

But it isn’t just work that is affected by our frequent migraine use. It is all the other things one must do if they have the migraine habit established in their brain system. The supplements. The alternative treatments. The vitamins. The essential oils. The whatnots. And the what-have-yous. These cost money. That we often do not have because our work was affected. Costs not covered by insurance for things like Botox. If you Like needles in your head, then migraines are for you.

Migraines are a loss-loss sort of deal. If you are thinking about using them I recommend a mild tension headache instead. Once your brain uses a migraine, it tends to get fixated on the idea. Then it is migraine this, migraine that… it just wants migraines all the time.

If you want to be rich, tell your brain No to migraines.

*Read with heavy sarcasm*

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