And then the weather turned


I had a migraine.Then my headexploded.True story.


It is cold here in Canada. Then warm. Then cold. Then my head exploded. True story.

I love mild temperatures, don’t get me wrong. But not from -25C to -4C in one day. Yeah, that migraine was effing brutal. And when I took a triptan it failed. Weather triggers are fast, killer and not always that great for triptan responses. Maybe because the lack of warning. You have a 15 minute window for the perfect triptan response. With some weather ones they slam into like a truck and yeah take the triptan. Others hit you over night and you wake up in agony… well past the window.

This is why I hate spring. It is actually used to be my favorite season due to it Not being winter. But the weather fluctuations make me loathe it. Likewise the beginning of winter is a fluctuation time and unpleasant… and Also winter so even more unpleasant. Walking from a warm, cozy house to the freezing outdoors is like being stabbed in the head repeatedly if you have a migraine. Then there is the glare off the snow. And often a nasty wind. None of which is migraine friendly.

What I am really saying is that I am ready for summer. Which is a very, very long ways away.


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