I slept a thousand yearsandyeahstill tired..png

I could sleep a thousand more. There is a level of fatigue that comes with a chronic illness that is incomprehensible. Mine has gotten worse, perhaps from medication or from depression. My doctors say to Do things. I lack the energy that would permit me to do these things they speak of.

I suspect they think the fatigue is from not working. But it was there when I was working as well. It was actually causing a lot of problems with getting up in the morning. Between the pain and the fatigue, I was getting nowhere fast. I had this issue then driving to work where I kept doing the ‘long blink’ on the road because I was so damn tired… I am sure I had micro sleeps there. Nodding off in weird spots. Trying to hold my eyes open at work. So mentally fatigued I couldn’t think straight. So it was a problem.

I am physically tired. Exhausted. I feel heavy and lethargic. I lack the energy to do anything and anything wipes me right out.

We are just too busy fighting off the pain. The illnesses. The stress. Our bodies are just always tired from it. Running on little sleep. Or erratic sleep.

I have tried this doing things theory but so far failure. I tried exercising and it is painful and draining. I tried leaving the house for errands but I just have no energy to do so. So I wait until I can At Least get a lift, so I don’t have to expend the energy driving like that. That makes it somewhat better.

My doc wants me to do some sort of charity work to get out of the house. I just can’t seem to want to let alone muster up the energy to do it. If it takes me a week to get the energy to do an errand, if someone else drives, I think this might be an impossible task at this point. Vitamin b12 is doing nothing for me and sometimes it does help with fatigue. Nada.

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