cascade aura

I forgot to sleep. As in I had a wicked as all hell midnight migraine and, yeah, that wasn’t exactly productive for sleepy, sleepy time. So I didn’t sleep. I finally got up and took a triptan. Which is not working. At this point, I can say did not work at all.

There are times when I do not sleep I get auras that are particular in nature. One is when I move my arm I will see several arms in translucent blue after that arm. I know there is a word for this, but, since I am sleep deprived I cannot remember what it is. The second, which was today, is far worse. The whole world duplicates. That is when I move my eyes, the world I had seen echoes over the world I now see. I think it is called ghosting, for this ghost image that is overlayed over reality. But it is literally every movement of your eyes. So… echo, echo, echo, echo. You can imagine, this is very disorientating. This one just happens from time to time but happens more often when I am sleep deprived. It is common in people with Visual Snow, which I have, so no idea if this is an ‘aura’ due to the wicked migraine or I aggravated the VS due to lack of sleep. The other one I mentioned, also can happen with VS. VS can occur with a lot of distortions all its own, besides the constant visual static. I often assume a lot of things are just that due to the fact it is a constant visual phenomenon that is neurological. While migraine auras, I assume are more specific visual types; or auditory, olfactory and tactile of course.

Here is some info on Visual snow by the way. I mention it because if you have a lot of visual distortions and migraines, they are highly comorbid conditions. 50% of people with VS have migraines. And “Persisting visual snow can feature as a leading addition to a migraine complication called persistent aura without infarction,[5] commonly referred to as persistent migraine aura (PMA). It is important to keep in mind that there exist many clinical sub-forms of migraine where a headache may be absent and where the migraine aura may not take the typical form of the zigzagged fortification spectrum, but manifests with a large variety of focal neurological symptoms.” In my case, I had VS when I was younger and developed PMA in my mid 20’s. Relatively soon after the migraines themselves developed actually. The VS also got worse. But not nearly as bad as some people. However, I find I am able to just tolerate it well. I mean with PMA I get so much visual intrusions as is, I sort of am ambivalent to it all. Obviously, sometimes they are intrusive and problematic, but at the same time, you just have to ride them out. Other times, you can just ignore it as best you can. Anyway, with VS, lack of sleep has always seemed to make it worse for me. Even the static becomes thick and almost tangible.

The aura I had before bed, was not VS but an actual migraine aura of the tactile variety. It was this annoying tingling sensation on the top of my head. That would spread every so often. And also with a strange pulling sensation, like my head was morphing. Lasted quite some time. I tried to ignore it because I didn’t Plan on taking a triptan today. Such is life. Triptan at the beginning of the week. What a waste. I also had a visual aura of an arch of warping pixels of light; scintillations. But, that is my persistent migraine aura… it is there for the majority of the time and no real indication of a migraine. A tactile aura, on the other hand, is.

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