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It has been a rough 2016 for many of us. Here is to a better 2017! Let’s hope it is good to us all!

These are the posts I rather liked. I didn’t pull the best of my research posts or the best of my personal posts. These are the best of the more general post that I hope are more relatable to everyone. I could have picked so many more. It has been a good year for the blog for sure and I hope everyone has enjoyed what I have posted as much as I have in writing it.

So at year-end, here are the 15 best post of the year.

  1. Tips for when you are in The Flare
  2. When I say I am good
  3. Embrace the turtle
  4. 10 ways you know you have a chronic illness
  5. 8 things we try to do with Chronic Pain
  6. The Facade
  7. Self-Care
  8. 6 Reasons I masked my depression for years
  9. How to Rest
  10. 10 Things I would tell the newly diagnosed about what they will face
  11. 8 things to consider for depression
  12. 6 things I would like people to know about fibromyalgia
  13. Socializing: One thing that helped me
  14. Self-Care: When you are in a funk
  15. 6 things I learned along the way

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