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There has been some research that has shown low brain magnesium levels during a migraine attack. And a magnesium deficiency and migraines may be related due to magnesium being in involved with proper nerve function.

A 1996 study of 81 migraine sufferers compared the effects of 600 mg of Magnesium every day for 12 weeks with an inactive placebo dummy pill. Of those taking Magnesium, 18.6 percent had diarrhea and 4.7 percent complained of stomach irritation. Here are the results:

  • Reduction of migraine attacks from weeks nine to 12 : Magnesium 41.6% , Placebo 15.8%

Another study, also conducted in 1996, didn’t find any difference in patients given Magnesium compared to placebo and experienced twice as many mild side effects such as soft

Getting magnesium is easy enough unless you have bowel issues when you have a migraine. Magnesium can cause digestive upset and diarrhea. Other solutions are Magnesium Oil, Epsom salt baths, or Magnesium Chloride with mineral water found in bottles in health food stores (much easier to digest and tends to be the easiest on the digestive system).

Magnesium is thought to affect changes in the blood vessels in the brain. Magnesium supplements are sometimes recommended to prevent migraines. They are also recommended to treat acute migraines.

Magnesium may be helpful for menstrual migraines, according to some research. Treatment of migraines during pregnancy requires great care. Magnesium may be a safer choice than powerful prescription medications.

When given intravenously, magnesium is “possibly effective” for treatment of migraines, according to the National Institutes of Health.Healthline


I was given magnesium oil as a present for Christmas and have been experimenting on it for acute treatment.

  1. First migraine: was a brutal 8. sprayed the magnesium on right away. Within the hour the migraine was gone. However, triptan was utilized.
  2. Second migraine: Tried it again well into a migraine. Did nothing.
  3. Third migraine: Woke up with a 9 wicked migraine. Tried it a lot and the migraine did lower in level substantially over a few hours down to a 4. But it didn’t stay that way, it crept back up. However, it is a hormonally trigger one so perhaps that is why.

Someone said magnesium can dull the migraine in the acute phase. Used with other things that can bring a migraine down a notch like ice might work. I will keep giving it a go and increase my intake. I have FM and we do not absorb magnesium well, the ones I listed are the best for us… so perhaps I need a boost anyway. I will have to see if taking more of it can be a preventative deal. It is clearly something I need to explore more.


How I get my magnesium

Dead Sea Magnesium oil is a brand I have used. Sometimes if you find it causes a bit of irritation you can just also rub a bit of coconut oil there as well. I typically use magnesium oil for migraines actually.

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Eucalyptus Spearmint Is my favorite Epsom salts. I have made my own before, but when I don’t, I like the scent of this one. This brand has a few different types, but this one is very relaxing to me. And you know, when I make my own I do tend to go with eucalyptus and peppermint actually.

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