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As a migraineur would you prefer Phantom smells or Phantom Tastes. I assume similar things since olfactory zone involved.

So Phantom Smells:

I tend to get the smell of cooking (something like stir fry?) the Foul Odor (no idea what it is but it is rotten meat or something) and burnt toast. So with the foul odor, one will hunt the house for this foulness. Trying to find where the hell it is coming from. Eventually realizing your brain is producing this Just For You. Wow. Thanks, brain. You really shouldn’t have. No, really. The mystery cooking smell makes you think you have a ghost who is cooking in the middle of the day just to taunt you.


Phantom Taste

is not nice at all. You eat a piece of meat and it tastes rancid or off. You just cannot eat it. You insist it is off. Everyone else insists it is fine. The next time you have a piece of meat it tastes horrible, you ignore it, because well your Brain plays tricky tricks like that… turns out it IS bad and you ate half the meal before the slow eater starts and says ‘ew this is bad’. Not cool.

Which brings me to SUPER SMELLING. If you thought phantom smells were bad or meat tasting like rancid goat ass then you will have a lot of fun from super smell. Things should not be smelled strongly or intensely. It is nauseating. I can smell my spouse’s stinky socks from a room over. That is wrong, man, wrong. You can smell the bubble of perfume people wear 18 hours after they leave the room. And gag on it while they are in there. Like it is licking your brain. Blag! You smell your dinner so strongly while it is cooking you completely and utterly lose your appetite before eating. Besides, maybe it will taste like rancid goat ass… not worth the risk really.

Worst one? I smelt cat pee once. Looked everywhere for it. Sniffing cushions and blankets and carpet. The cats. Couldn’t find the smell. Was half convinced I smelled like cat pee. Changed my clothes. Still smelled it. All day long. Was gone the next day. My spouse smelled nothing. Well, perhaps a whiff of my madness.

So which is the winner?

I think phantom taste is. It is the only one that made me eat something that was actually bad because I thought it was an aura when it was not. It is messing with my brain, man!

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