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The nausea.

73% experience nausea

29% experience vomiting

What do we do about nausea?

You have to have your game plan. Your plan of attack. What to do first, second and third. You have your game plan. Your plan of attack. What to do first, second and third. Because one thing we all don’t want is progression to vomiting, although sometimes, just unavoidable.I will say this, nausea has been constant for me for over a year now. It is the bane of my existence.

1-Medication: Medications that treat nausea are prescription and are called antiemetics. One is called Zofran, and is my current anti-nausea med. Others you may have heard of, or are on, are proclorperazine (Compazine), promethazine (Phenergan), and metoclopramide (Reglan). I know many people on Phenergan. My doctor often mentions metoclopramide but it interacts with another med, but back in the day, it was my anti-nausea med. I should mention in Canada only zofran and metoclopramide have been mentioned to me. What we do have here is Gravol for OTC and I tend to use that as well. Gravol is Dimenhydrinate.

Personally, the zofran doesn’t always cut it for me. I have some intense, constant nausea. So I have been trying some of the other common things we use for nausea with migraines.


2- Peppermint: One that is tried and true is peppermint tea. I love it in tea form. It helped me one time where all I could handle was this tea for days. It truly does work. But in essential oil in a diffuser it has also been used for nausea.


3-Ginger– I knew about this one for some time, but have just started putting it to some serious use to see what it can do. You can buy pure ginger candies. You can also have ginger tea. You can by ginger pills actually to avoid the taste. In Canada Gravol sells ginger pills and ginger with willow bark pills. I also use gin-gin candies that have real ginger in them for nausea. As a perk, since they can go together, maybe it will help with diarrhea as well. And for those of us with vertigo is it said to help with that too. So a lot of symptom effects. Specifically, I am aiming for a decrease on nausea. The candies are Gin Gins that I am eating, but there is a brand of just ginger I am intending to check into. I am not sure if I would like the tea or not, since it is the spiciness of the ginger on my tongue I like. See Ginger post.


4-Auromatherapy: Essential oils and little diffusers you wear around your neck can help with nausea. As I mentioned, peppermint is one mentioned for that. I had read somewhere that lemon is one but not for me since it really makes me nauseated. So try lemon or peppermint. This site actually mentions some more for nausea to try out.( I do like bergamot, so maybe worth a go on that one… it is light and sort of a citrus scent).


5- Marijuana- I actually was told my pain clinic would put me on the pill form due to my nausea alone. They don’t believe there is enough evidence for pain, but there sure is for nausea. I am considering it, especially if I drop more weight. I am not posting to studies for it, but there is quite a bit of research on it for nausea.

Essentially, I have been using ginger, peppermint tea and essential oils, Gravol and zofran. And that may seem like a lot but this nausea is quite insane. So every bit counts, to be honest. Things like peppermint tea are great for at night as they have no caffeine and are relaxing.

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