Migraine treatment: Full throttle


So I have been talking managing migraine pain very seriously lately. Can’t use a triptan except for 2 days a week. So what to do. What to do. Go full throttle is my answer.

I use ice right away and hope I can knock the pain down a level. If so, a good head start.

I use magnesium oil to get that magnesium into me fast.

I put a migraine balm, Japanese mint oil, on my forehead and temples

I put these CBD cream on my neck, shoulders, and jaw. If I do not have this, then something high in menthol.

I do some meditation.

I take zofran, ginger, and Gravol for nausea. Maybe have a peppermint tea as well.

Water for hydration.

And I put Lavender and Sage in my diffuser. Sometimes Bergamot.

Then when the pain begins to rise I repeat any number of these steps to keep it at bay. If the nausea gets worse, more ginger, or zofran, or tea or gravol.


It is a full on battle plan every single day. But some days I find this works. I can knock it down to a 5 and keep it there most of the day… sometimes it bumps up in the evening. Some days, usually the ones where I wake up with it, or hormonal ones, or epically painful ones…. not so successful. And I feel my ice treatment would be better if I had an ice hat, so I need me one of those in my life. I can’t imagine being able to do this anywhere but at home. It is non-stop all day. And it only works sometimes. So a lot of effort to get the pain down. Nevertheless having it work gives me a pain break… less pain to get through the day with.

But as soon as I leave the house, all for naught I’m afraid. Migraine amps right back up from all the light, the sounds, scents and having the drive. So no idea how people get around that.


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