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Migraines at work are not easy to manage. With my daily intractable ones, I couldn’t manage them at work. My productivity was low. My absences high.

Here, however, is an article by Teri Robert on HealthCentral about working and migraines: Tips for Handling Migraines At Work

  • She mentions things like: Anti-glare screens, a no scent work environment, keeping hydrated with water.
  • She says to take your triptan at the first sign. Because as we all know, the earlier we take it the more effective it is. Assuming it is your triptan day, of course.

I have some additions I thought of that might help.

  1. Other things I would recommend are Axon Optics or Theraspecs glasses to help with photophobia in the work environment and those evil fluorescent lights.
  2. I believe people buy diffusers they carry around their necks for scents to help with migraines like lavender, or peppermint. Something like that may help at work.
  3. Finding somewhere where you can take a nap or do some meditation would also be very beneficial.
  4. Bring with you a migraine balm and magnesium oil you can apply when you feel an attack coming on.



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