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10 way you know you are having a migraine

a Migraine attack lasts from4 hoursto 3 days.Yes,I said days..png

  1. You’re not tired but you keep yawning and yawning. It starts other people in the room yawning. And soon it is the continuously triggered yawn fest going on.
  2. You’re stuffed up all of a sudden. Allergies? Or impending doom?
  3. You are smart, but suddenly you are stupid. You have a case of the Stupids. You may find yourself saying ‘I am an onion.’ instead of ‘I see funyuns’. Which brings me to the next one,
  4. You may crave funyuns. Salty or sweet. Or both. Nom. Nom. Which brings me to,
  5. Your body now rejects all the foods.So much for craving, because now you are insanely nauseated. When you peak on nausea then you hit vomiting. Tossing your cookies, if you ate cookies.
  6. You can’t see out of your eye. There is the sparkly, warping thing in your eye that makes it difficult to see through. It started small but then it consumed your entire eyeball. Then tingling numbness spreads down your face. Or far weirder auras. Your brain may get quite creative on the hallucination side of things.
  7. Massive mind-blowing pain erupts into your brain causing an existential crisis.
  8. You can’t stop peeing.
  9. Light stabs you in the eyes. Sound smacks into your ears. Scents assault your nose. Yes, the senses have gone quite mad.
  10. You feel like your brain is a puddle of goo after the explosion that occurred in it and now you think you might be brain dead but certainly, you are dead to the world tired.


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