I have to say when I was sent a message on this it was sort of rather an awareness event I am very aware of at the moment. My tinnitus has been quite severe lately. Increase in pitch and my hearing decreasing. I mean, it is always there, but a migraine will cause it to vary erratically. And it has been very intense.

I play the radio at night to sort of drown out the sound, or at least, distract me from the sound. In silence, it is maddening. But there are nights when it is so very loud.

It can be caused by exposure to loud noises, as it is for my step-father, and from losing your hearing. Or like me from having FM and a symptom of migraines… particularly vestibular migraines. Since I have had migraines and FM since I was 20… I have had tinnitus since then as well, so approximately 20 years. For me, it isn’t going away soon.

Facebook awareness content for UK

Awareness blog post

tinnitus infographic.jpg

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