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Confessions of person with chronic pain

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Confession– I used to think when I was younger the pain could take my body but it could never take my mind. I was very distraught when I realized I was wrong.

Confession– There are days the pain makes me just not to want to be around people.

Confession- I have ignored serious symptoms because I just wanted to see if they would go away or were Really important.

Confession- The first time I thought of suicide I thought to myself ‘who is mad: the one who thinks about ending the pain or the people who do not help you treat it and expect you to function through it?’

Confession– Nothing stops the pain. I smile. I tell you it is a 7 or 8 or 6. There is no 0. 0 doesn’t exist and hasn’t for decades and decades and decades. I don’t understand 0.

Confession– I understand suicide. I understand the desire for an end to pain. It makes a lot of sense. It even makes rational sense. I get why not to. I get the concept of living for the sake of others. Or making up reasons to live. Or the value of living itself. But I do understand suicide. Like I understand euthanizing a pet in a great deal of pain. It scares people that I understand suicidal people with chronic pain, but really, many of us ‘get it’.

Confession– When people as my ‘how I do this.’ How I live with the pain. I actually have no answer. It could be ‘because I must’ but in the back of my mind I know I don’t ‘must’. I have no idea how I do it. I have no idea how I survived this long or why. It is a mystery where we get our strength and determination from. When we lose so much to this.

Confession- I have ignored serious symptoms thinking ‘well, if it kills me, it will be natural causes.’

Confession– I have ‘forgotten’ to tell doctor symptoms because I don’t want to seem like as a hypochondriac.

Confession: I have missed work solely because of depression before.






    1. I think we all have secrets we don’t want to say about living with pain because we fear to say them out loud. That this is hard. That it takes a toll on a person. That some days we really struggle with it and have no idea how we get through it. Like if we admit to weakness, it makes it real. Or like it would make others worry, which is some sort of wrong.

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  1. Nikki, I don’t think my first comment ‘took’ and I wanted to be sure you knew how much your article meant to me. Thanks for giving voice to my own closely guarded ‘confessions’. Your courage is inspiring.

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