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I have had a high pain level migraine for four days now. Just relentless. And today wasn’t a triptan day, so nothing to do about it. Nothing to do about it means let’s just think about it and make it worse.

Nope. Need to do something to calm me down to handle the pain better.

So Ice pack. Magnesium oil. Dark space.

And meditation.

Meditation isn’t always easy with high levels of pain. I admit to that. But I chose one specific to pain. One about helping with resistance to pain. Just allowing the pain to be there. Acknowledging the emotions; at that moment it was sadness for me. Acknowledging thoughts about the past, present, and future you are thinking about pain. And just being aware of the tension in the body due to the pain.

Then to choose a phrase that helped you to just be aware of the resistance you felt to the pain and just allow the pain to be. Mine was Let it Be.

Let it be.

I can’t do anything about it. The feeling is going to be there. Let it be.

I have an emotional reaction to the pain. Let it be.

I have thoughts about the pain. Let it be.

I feel the tension from the pain. Let it be.

After that meditation was done I did some relaxation breathing while letting the ice do its work.

I will do another meditation before bed with another ice treatment and hopefully, this will help me sleep.

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