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I have migraine associated vertigo (vestibular migraines). I have had them for five years thereabouts. But there is an obvious trigger for the vertigo when I have a migraine, which is every day.

Motion. All sorts of motion. From elevators to boats.

And cars.

So driving lately has been triggering a lot of vertigo. Not while driving, but after. Mild at first. Then usually a sudden drop attack. Then getting progressively worse as the day or night goes on. Other symptoms can be a high-pitched tinnitus and muffled hearing. Obvious unsteadiness. Constant sensation of motion.

Anyway, clearly, this is becoming an issue. At its worst, I did have vertigo when driving. This was prior to my long-term leave. One reason I knew I couldn’t commute to work. So obviously this is an indication I should not be driving if every single time I do it is trigger day long vertigo and drop attacks. From 20-40 minutes of driving. Today it was a 20-minute drive to my psychologist and then 20 home. And it has been getting quite bad, with 2 drop attacks and a lot of lurching from the sudden dizziness.

Without driving and no motion trigger at all, I have a sort of constant but very mild pulsing sense of motion.

Anyway, I asked my doctor about it and there is literally nothing to be done about it. Other than the preventatives I have already tried and recommended by the neuro.

5 thoughts on “Driving: Clearly a vertigo trigger

    1. It can be a symptom with any migraine am told. When it is a predominate symptom it is vestribular migraines, or has the distinct symptoms of a vestibular migraine. I was diagnosed with MAV (migraine associated vertigo) which they then classified as a distinct migraine on its own or vestibular migraines.

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      1. It’s very interesting to me and I’ve learnt a lot through reading your posts over time. Thankyou for your insights and helping me to understand a little more about my own conditions 🙂
        Vertigo is a huge problem for me and a big contributor to my balance problems. I have many triggers including certain pitched sounds that also trigger my occular symptoms… very weird how it all correlates 😮

        Wishing you wellness and less pain xx 🙂 Carole Sian


      2. I’m glad you like the posts! Vertigo is such a horrible migraine symptom. I don’t think it is taken nearly seriously enough considering its effects. Hoping you have a migraine free day, or a low pain day!

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  1. True that! vertigo just brings everything to a standstill and makes me feel lost for long time. Your blog posts are soothers 🙂 thanks.. BTW, got ref to , a unique vertigo treating clinic. It treats vertigo generated by different medical conditions like mine, Meniere’s disease, and other such as vestibular migraines, labyrinthitis, BPPV, acoustic neuroma etc. Wanna give it a try.

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